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The two engineers I met with described one particular incident that created a problem: A technician replaced the UPS batteries at a small cabinet site and forgot to flip the circuit breaker back on. This created an artificial power failure in the cabinet, so it was running on battery power only.
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Your BTS sites provide cellular service to thousands of people - making reliability really important. Whether your towers are in rural areas or in urban population centers, your customers count on you for reliable cell coverage. With wireless coverage being such large part of everyday life for so many people, customers aren't so forgiving when service is spotty. One offline tower could mean the difference between happy customers and..
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PDU (Power Switching) White Paper

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This PDU tutorial (PDF) explains how to choose and deploy remote power switches

Remote power switches ("PDUs") can save you a lot of money and increase profitability. You'll reduce expensive truck rolls that waste time and fuel. Instead of driving for hours, you'll toggle power and reboot from your desk (or automatically via SNMP or web). This White Paper will explain the essentials of PDUs, so you won't end up with...
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White Paper: Learn These Network Alarm Monitoring Fundamentals

Network Alarm Monitoring Fundamentals white paper cover
White Paper PDF (20 pages)

You've just been put in charge of purchasing, selecting or recommending a new network alarm system for your company. Where do you start? What alarm equipment do you need? What monitoring features are essential, and which can you live without? How can you make sure your network is fully protected, without spending too much on equipment you won't...
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