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Battery Monitoring White Paper

Here's a conversation between a DPS Telecom sales engineer (JP) and a client. They'll discuss improved remote monitoring using RTUs that include MODBUS polling of important devices like generators
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As a customer, I bet there's nothing you hate more than planned obsolescence. If something that could continue working is designed to stop working arbitrarily, you rightly feel cheated. Let me show you the conscious decision I've made at DPS Telecom to make you happy with gear that simply keeps working.
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White Paper: How to Monitor Your Remote Battery Plants

Battery Monitoring White Paper (PDF)
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You probably rely on batteries to power your gear - either as a primary or backup source. When your uptime is riding on your batteries, you can't leave them unmonitored. Voltage tracking, temperature, and internal resistance are all key conditions you need to be aware of. By not monitoring your battery cells, you expose yourself to a range of threats, including...
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PDU (Power Switching) White Paper

Download this Remote Power Switch White Paper
This PDU tutorial (PDF) explains how to choose and deploy remote power switches

Remote power switches ("PDUs") can save you a lot of money and increase profitability. You'll reduce expensive truck rolls that waste time and fuel. Instead of driving for hours, you'll toggle power and reboot from your desk (or automatically via SNMP or web). This White Paper will explain the essentials of PDUs, so you won't end up with...
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