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SNMPv3 Conversion White Paper

If you have remote sites on mountaintops or other lightning-prone locations (ex. flat regions like Florida), you know how expensive the damage can be. That's why DPS developed the Line Protector 48, a new device that's simple to install and use. This new surge protective device supports up to...
Protect yourself from lightning and other surges...
At a site where you just need a lot of analog sensors, you need an RTU that's designed with you in mind: an RTU that is focused more on analog inputs than discretes alarms or control relays. That's where the NetGuardian 8A by DPS Telecom comes in...
See the new RTU...

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White Paper: Mediate Legacy SNMP to Secure SNMPv3

SNMPv3 Mediation PDF White Paper
This white paper will teach you how to convert SNMP to SNMPv3

If you have network equipment that uses unencrypted legacy SNMP, you shouldn't be surprised to hear that this creates a security risk. Fortunately, there is a way to preserve your investment in functioning equipment and add SNMPv3 capability. This white paper explains several methods you can use to convert legacy SNMP into secure, encrypted SNMPv3. The first method is to...
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PDU (Power Switching) White Paper

Download this Remote Power Switch White Paper
This PDU tutorial (PDF) explains how to choose and deploy remote power switches

Remote power switches ("PDUs") can save you a lot of money and increase profitability. You'll reduce expensive truck rolls that waste time and fuel. Instead of driving for hours, you'll toggle power and reboot from your desk (or automatically via SNMP or web). This White Paper will explain the essentials of PDUs, so you won't end up with...
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